A better choice for your standing seam residential and commercial roofing needs,

Snap-Lock offers you beauty and durability for your new construction
or remodeling project.


For your residential and light commercial metal roofing our 1” rib, 16” metal panel is designed to give your roof style. This specific panel offers non-exposed fasteners, along with hidden nail flanges that fastens to your roof deck, giving you a beautiful metal roof that will last a lifetime.


Designed with commercial projects in mind, the 1 3/4”rib, 18” metal panel is installed with a hidden clip system. With no screws or fasteners visible nor exposed to the elements of weather, this panel is long lasting!

When it comes to choosing Snap-Lock panels

We highly recommend striation over flat panels to prevent oil canning of the metal.

Striation is the small parallel impressions rolled into the metal panel to help reduce oil canning which is the moderate abnormality of buckling. Due to the angle of sunlight, this disfiguration may be more apparent than at other times.

View Striation Sheet

Here at County Line Materials we take pride in our metal panels.

For that reason, our Snap-Lock metal is manufactured on-site with our new roll former to better guarantee the quality of our product.

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